Abandoned and Forgotten to Restored and Treasured!

About 18 months ago my neighbor, gave me this long gun case. (He knew I worked in the field of historical preservation). I looked inside and this is what I saw….


Two severely damage rifles; one trapdoor, one rollerblock and various rifle parts.

My neighbor says, “they’ve been sitting around for the last 25 years. They’re yours if you want them.”

I responded, “Hell ya!”.  This will be fun.

My neighbor then shared the story of how he had acquired the rifles. He said his dad gave him these rifles about 25 years ago. He then continued, stating that his dad and uncle where hiking in the mountains above Westcliffe, Colorado in the early 1960’s. During their journey they came upon an old burnt down log cabin.  As they explored, mixed in the debris, they found the rifles and various parts.

A few days later I started to carefully clean up the trapdoor rifle using preservation methods.

Check back to see what a skilled craftsman and a little TLC did for these forgotten pieces of Americana…