Ladies, YOU can do this!

Ladies, we need to talk….. In all my years of being a firearms instructor, I have helped empower hundreds of people – men, women and children – from all walks of life, by teaching them how to safely and properly shoot a handgun. I speak with people often about shooting, their thoughts on 2A and the topic of guns in general. Along the way, I’ve encountered a common thread that prevents women from taking that first step. Here are a few of the things I often hear:

  • “I want to learn how to shoot, but I don’t want my husband/boyfriend to teach me.” – This is probably the most common thing I hear from women, and it’s very understandable! The men in our lives are amazing and talented humans, but not always the best teachers for us. It’s one thing for them to teach us how to change an air filter or caulk a bathtub. But if you take something that’s perceived to be inherently dangerous nerve wracking to begin with, the game changes completely. It’s sometimes better to seek the help of a “neutral third party” to learn this type of skill.
  • “I’m afraid of guns!” – At one time, when you were approaching driving age, you were probably afraid of your car too. A gun is a tool, not unlike a power drill or a chainsaw. You must first learn how to operate it before you pick it up and begin using it, right? A gun is nothing more than a collection of steel, carbon fiber, wood, plastic, etc., Until a user picks it up. loads it with ammunition, charges it and pulls the trigger, there is nothing “scary” about it. Fear of the unknown can only be overcome by making the unfamiliar familiar.
  • “My husband keeps a gun in the house” “I don’t like it and I don’t know how to use it.” – This one honestly makes me cringe. Ladies, if you have a firearm in your home, PLEASE learn how to safely handle and fire it.  If you have small children, there are measures you can take to securely store it and insure the kiddos stay safe, but trained adults in the house can get to the gun quickly. There are a variety of safes available, each with a different method of entry – 4-digit keypad, bio-metric (reads your fingerprint), keyed lock, tumbler lock, furniture with hidden compartments, floor safes, etc.  I’ve heard tales of folks keeping an unloaded gun in their bedroom nightstand, and the ammunition for the gun in a locked box or high shelf in the closet. If that “bump in the night” turns out to be 3 armed men about to invade your home, you’re going to wish you’d planned things differently.

The bottom line is this: The world is fast becoming increasingly dangerous. More and more women are recognizing the need for personal protection and getting actively involved in the world of shooting and training. Take the step, make the call, get the training and learn a new life skill!