Historic Preservation and Restoration


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Randall Marder has been saving and preserving our American history, by painstakingly preserving historic buildings, artifacts and antiques around the USA for the last 47 years.
“My approach is pure preservation. I focus on saving the history and patina of every artifact. All work is performed the old-fashioned way – by hand

If you would like more information on Randall and what he can do for your relic items, please visit his website by clicking HERE!



Here are a few examples of Randall’s amazing work……

Civil War Ceremonial Sword before and after preservation

1873 Cadet Springfield Rifle found in pieces in a burned down log cabin in the mountains in Colorado

Al Capone’s shotgun that had the forestock and rear stock split open

1851 True Navy Colt

1892 circa 1904 Winchester rifle complete preservation / rusted pitted wood stocks needed re-oiling

16 Century Match Lock Rifle

1904 Parker Bros shotgun

1893 30/30 Marlin