Special Events

The events below are on hold until the Mask Mandate expires


YES, you read that correctly! Franktown Firearms is pleased to offer our Gun Store Yoga program! This class is taught by our good friend Lisa Marder ( owner of Marder Physical Therapy). We have been having a great time and decided to open it up to our clients at large.

Class is currently most Thursday nights from 6:30PM to 7:30PM (with future plans to expand to other days). Our focus is on core strength and flexibility. We encourage yoga students to shoot with us afterwards. There are no range fees and rental guns are also FREE after each class to our students. Newcomers to the shooting sports are welcome and we have been having a BLAST working with new shooters! Staff is present and are happy to work with you on the range after the yoga session.

Yoga mats are provided to those who don’t have them (we have custom mats from TekMat on the way for purchase if you want your own).

Drop-Ins are welcome, provided there is room in the class at $20 per class. There is a discounted price of $15 per class in each session if you sign up for a complete session in advance (a good and popular savings).

Please call us at 720-770-777 option 1 to reserve your spot! Yoga schedule will be live on the website calendar at https://ffgc.co/events/

We hope to see you there!

All ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged!

Safe and non-intimidating environment to shoot and have fun!

.22LR ONLY means a great range experience for new shooters!

Different game cycles for every event!

Optional progressive league play for true family competitors!

Friendly staff always on-hand to assist and keep everyone safe



Family Game Night Pricing


  • Members – $10
  • Non-member participants 12 and over – $15
  • Children under 12 – $5

Ammunition, gun rental (if you need to borrow one) and your first target are INCLUDED!

Family Game Night is scheduled every other Friday night at 6:30PM. The range is closed to other types of shooting while the event is in progress. The range will be opened back up after the event is over for range members. This is to encourage new and young shooters alike and will help to ensure a fun and non-intimidating environment for them with low noise and a focus on a family gaming atmosphere. 

For dates of league play, please logon to our website event calendar at https://ffgc.co/events/

We hope to see you there!!

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