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Private training can be scheduled any time by contacting Franktown Firearms at 720-770-7777

Private Training is $50 per hour, per person

$40 per hour, per person (for two or three)

(Certificates are not offered in private training sessions)

If you have any questions not answered by the pages linked above, please use this form to contact our training team.

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Karen is a passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment and has been NRA Certified since 2013. She has taught over a thousand men, women and kids how to safely handle and shoot handguns, as well as offering Concealed Carry instruction. She specializes in turning new gun owners into safe, competent shooters!

Alan's extensive military and law enforcement experience makes him a great asset to the team.  He is available for one on one and small group training

Please note: Carrying a firearm for personal protection, or keeping a firearm in your home for home defense, is not a guarantee of your safety. A violent encounter can happen suddenly and without warning. One cannot predict the body’s response to extreme duress and adrenaline overload. We make no claims that insure your ability to overcome, persevere and win in a violent attack. There is no substitute for your good judgement in any life-threatening situation.