Basic Pistol (CCW)

This course is for beginning shooters or those seeking to apply for their Concealed Handgun Permit. You will learn
basic handgun safety, rules for owning and storing, pistol parts and operation, shooting fundamentals,
Colorado gun laws and resources, range rules and commands and more. You will engage in a fun course
of fire as well as a shooting qualification on the range.
This course is a great starting point and will have you shooting confidently, even if you’ve never shot a
handgun before!
This course is 3 +/- hours long, 2 +/- hours in the classroom and 1 +/- hour on the range. It meets the
proof of training requirement in Colorado to apply for your Concealed Handgun Permit.


  • Individual (in-class) – $120
  • Private One-on-One – $250
  • Private (2) – $350
  • Private Group (up to 4 participants) – $550

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Defensive Pistol 1

This course is for people with previous shooting experience, or who have taken the Basic
Pistol/CCW course, and want to advance their training. In this class, we will only review the basics of
handgun safety and fundamentals, and dive more into situational awareness, concealed carry mentality,
aftermath, carry locations on body, smooth draw from holster and more. You will engage in a
challenging course of fire, working from holster with and without concealment.

This course is 4 +/- hours long with 2.5 +/- in the classroom and 1.5 +/- on the range.
This course is designed to not only help you change your mindset about carrying a handgun, but get you
completely comfortable wearing a loaded firearm on-body, and shooting/practicing from a holster. You
will have the skills you need to protect yourself and your loved ones with confidence!

Required equipment:

  • Handgun, .380 caliber or higher
  • Strong side, IWB or OWB Kydex or carbon fiber holster
  • Stiff leather or nylon belt
  • 100 rounds of ammunition

(All above items are available for purchase at Franktown Firearms)




  • Individual (in-class) – $150 ($120 if Basic CC was taken at Franktown Firearms)
  • Private One-on-One – $270
  • Private (2) – $400
  • Private Group (up to 4 participants) – $700

After looking at the training calendar, if you still need help or have a question, please use this form to contact our training team! Someone will assist you shortly!

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Karen Murray is a passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment and has been NRA Certified since 2013. She has taught hundreds of men, women and kids how to safely handle and shoot handguns, as well as offering Concealed Carry instruction. She specializes in teaching women and responsible teens.

Kevin has served in the military for over 10 years, been an NRA Instructor
for 7 and holds multiple certifications from both. He has recieved training from
top-tier instructors from across the country through continued training. Kevin believes it
is incumbent upon us to continually educate ourselves on ever-changing tactics
in this uncertain world.

Allen's extensive military and law enforcement experience makes him a great asset to the team.  He is available for one on one and small group training

Defensive Pistol 2

This dynamic course is designed to build on those skills previously learned in Basic Pistol and Defensive Pistol 1. The information you will receive, and the course of fire you will take part in, will challenge and better prepare you for a real-life violent encounter.

We will go in-depth, with a sharp focus on mindset, situational awareness and an introduction to the “Sul position”, “combat” and “tactical” reloading techniques, effective use of cover, shooting from behind barricades, all using dry and live fire. You will acquire more advanced skills in firearm presentation from retention and body mechanics. Keeping your safety and the safety of those around you will be a top priority.

This course will only be offered to participants who have completed NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course, or another qualifying holster course, and will be available evenings, after 5:00 pm. All live fire will be conducted inside the range, close to the backstop area.

This challenging course was created specifically for those in the civilian population who have a deep respect for firearms, and for our freedom to defend. You will not find a more intensive public training course outside of a military or law enforcement facility. This course was developed by former and active duty military, and experienced firearms instructors.

Required Equipment:

  • Handgun .380 caliber or higher
  • Mag pouch + two or three spare magazines
  • Strong-side or appendix IWB or OWB Kydex or carbon fiber holster (no shoulder, ankle, purse or small of back)
  • Stiff leather or nylon belt
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 5 snap-caps (if available)
  • 200 rounds of ammunition

(All above items are available for purchase at Franktown Firearms)


  • Individual (in-class) – $200
  • Private One-on-One – $300
  • Private (2) – $575
  • Private Group (up to 4 participants) – $850



Private training is available on an as-needed basis, and can be scheduled any time by contacting Franktown Firearms directly at 720-770-7777. We will put you in touch with an instructor who can help you one-on-one with any specific needs you may have. 
Private Training is $50 per hour, per person
$40 per hour, per person (for two or three)
(Certificates are not offered in a private training sessions)

(Please note: Carrying a firearm for personal protection, or keeping a firearm in your home for home defense is not a guarantee of your safety. A violent encounter can happen suddenly and without warning. One cannot predict the body’s response to extreme duress and adrenaline overload. We make no claims that insure your ability to overcome, persevere and win in a violent attack. There is no substitute for your good judgement in any life-threatening situation.)