FASTER Essentials  at  Franktown Firearms

                 8 Hour Course

4 – 5 hours of classroom instruction
30 minute break
3 – 4 hours of live fire range time

The FASTER Essentials course at Franktown Firearms will get you fully prepared to enter FASTER Colorado’s Level 1 course.

Even if you’re new to firearms, this course will give you the knowledge, skill, attitude, and confidence to manipulate and shoot your firearm safely and proficiently.

You will learn:

    • Basic firearm safety
    • Pistol parts, operation, and actions
    • Ammunition basics
    • Shooting fundamentals
    • Safe draw and fire from holster
    • Situational awareness and Alert levels
    • Clearing firearm malfunctions
    • Defensive shooting techniques
    • Firearm reloads
    • Range rules and commands

This course will take you far beyond our Pistol 1 class. It is designed to prepare you mentally as well as physically and have you at a high level of proficiency before entering into Faster Level 1.

Required Equipment:

      • A handgun chambered in 9mm
        (Revolvers are not permitted for this course)
      • 2 extra magazines
      • 200 rounds of quality ammunition
      • Blanket or mat for floor work
      • Electronic muff-style ear protection
      • Clear eye protection (No sunglasses or yellow tint)
      • Water, snacks/lunch

Cost for this course: $200 per person
(A minimum of 4 people must attend to conduct the course)
If there are fewer than 4 people, the course will be rescheduled