Franktown Firearms Shooting Center

Whether you’re looking to make your first firearm purchase, 

 or you’re a master at arms, 

our goal is to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, 

 and build a lasting relationship.

At Franktown Firearms, we have clients, not just customers!

Shooting Range

Now that the RANGE IS OPEN, we are pleased to offer a limited number of Charter Memberships. Click on the red target above for more information and to get the best deal while it’s available!

Firearms Training

Whatever your current skill level, we have a course that will suit your needs!

Gun Shop

You’ll get the best experience by coming into the shop and talking with our sales staff, but if you prefer, you can peruse our online offers by clicking the icon above.


Our on site gunsmith offers services that include mounting scopes, sights and accessories, professional cleaning, custom trigger work, ramp polishing, repair and restoration work, as well as custom Hydro Dipping to make your firearm uniquely your own!

About Franktown Firearms

Stop in and browse our inventory of new and consigned firearms, or pick up some ammo on your way to the range. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we will get it. Shop hours are Tuesday through Saturday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Pistol Courses are held throughout the month! Call for more information. Get your CHP Training for $120, 3 hours of classroom time, and one hour of live fire shooting. We also offer NRA certified training in Basic Pistol, shotgun and Rifle. Conveniently located in the center of Franktown, one quarter mile east on the right hand side of SH 86

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I read an opinion piece from the L.A. Times that really steamed my beans (but didn’t really surprise me all that much). I will not mention the author’s name because he’s not worth your Google clicks. In a nutshell, this “journalist” believes that gun stores should all close immediately, that guns and ammo are not
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Misconceptions, Lies and the Media

As we all have been made painfully aware – the media is not our friend. Every day, mainstream media feeds the unwitting public only what THEY want you to see and hear – opinion, conjecture, assumptions and outright fabrications. Facts are often altered, twisted or omitted completely so the day’s “news” will fit into their
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Reaping the Benefits of Home Practice

One of the phrases I use a lot is, “Sometimes a teacher, always a student”. When I began my journey into firearms instruction, I learned something so valuable that I can’t help but profess this to my students today – 90% of your firearms training can be practiced at home! Don’t get me wrong, range
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It's a Family Affair!

I wasn’t one of those kids who grew up with a gun in my hand. Although my dad had guns, he wasn’t a big “gun nut”, and really only had long guns for those times when his friends made him go hunting with them. My introduction to guns was at about the age of 5
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Ladies, YOU can do this!

Ladies, we need to talk….. In all my years of being a firearms instructor, I have helped empower hundreds of people – men, women and children – from all walks of life, by teaching them how to safely and properly shoot a handgun. I speak with people oft read more
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