Training is available for all levels, from Child Safety to Advanced Tactical.
Whether you have never held a gun before, you want to certify to apply for your CCW, or you want to challenge yourself with an advanced tactical course, our training team has you covered!

Our skilled instructors have many decades of combined experience in a variety of fields, including military and law enforcement. With the different levels of courses we offer, you are certain to find one that’s perfect for you, your family, and friends!

Don’t have a handgun or ammo?   No Problem – We have Gun Rentals and All types of Ammo for Purchase.   See our Calendar for dates and times.
Advanced, tactical, women focused, and child training courses are available one on one, or in small groups. Let us know what your goals are and we’ll help you achieve them!

Women’s Training

Many women, especially those with little to no firearms experience, prefer to get training from a woman, in a women-only group.   If that’s you, check out out Women Only Training options!


Our on site armorer offers services that include mounting scopes, sights, and other accessories, professional cleaning, and other work.

Gun Storage

The Armory At Franktown Firearms is now available!
Whether your gun safe at home is getting crowded or you want to be able to stop into the range and shoot, knowing your firearm is waiting for you, we’ve got you covered.  Offering secure storage solutions for all your needs at reasonable rates, just like everything we do for you!

FFL Transfers

Need an FFL transfer?    We can help!


Although many (most?) of us have a decent collection of firearms, when you hear someone called a “firearms collector”, you generally think of dark, scuffed, and often hard to find wood stocks as well as intricately carved actions and even precious metals.   If you count yourself among those lucky folks, we can help you restore and preserve your collection!