And So It Begins…….

(Note: Opinions and sarcasm offered here are not necessarily the views of Franktown Firearms or their employees)


As you know, we had a general election on November 3rd, 2020, and the good guy lost. (Well, we all know he didn’t “lose”. The election was riddled with massive, provable fraud and was literally stolen) So while we sit and wait for a miracle, here are some of the things that responsible gun owners can look forward to in the months ahead.

H.R. 127 – (You can read the full text HERE)

This resolution, sponsored by Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, provides for “the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.” Not only does this bill require gun owners to register their firearms with the federal government, it also requires disclosure of where those firearms are stored (perhaps “at the bottom of the Atlantic” is an acceptable answer here) This information will then be put into a database and, (you should probably sit down for this) be made AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

Another section of this egregious bill states that when purchasing a firearm, you must have a license to do so. How does a person get said license? Here is the criteria:

No infringement here. Let’s move along…..

The “license” you may or may not receive to possess firearms must be renewed every 3 (three) years, obviously at your expense. Oh, and that “insurance” you’ll be required to get will cost you $800 annually.

Going shooting with your kids? Nope. Not under this bill. “Transfer” of a firearm to a person who doesn’t hold a license will be a crime. “Transfer” can mean something as simple as handing your child a .22 rifle and letting them shoot at a target on a range under supervision.

This bill goes on and on. Magazine capacity would be held to no more than 10 rounds. You will no longer be able to possess a .50 cal. If you are caught with .50 caliber ammunition, you could be fined $50,000 and go to prison for 20 years.

I wish this was a joke, but it’s not. This is actual legislation that’s been introduced in the United States House of Representatives, and will make each and every one of us felons if we don’t comply. That should scare the ever-lovin’ shit out of you.


It’s time to light up their phones, people! Contact your representatives today. This is the most overreaching legislation ever introduced, and they have the “power” to pass it. Print the text of the bill, share it with your fellow gun owners. Educate your friends and family about what is coming down the pike. And if your friends and family voted for Joe Biden, I think it would be appropriate to blame them for shredding our Constitution.

WE THE PEOPLE must say NO.