Yes, Firearms ARE essential!

I read an opinion piece from the L.A. Times that really steamed my beans (but didn’t really surprise me all that much). I will not mention the author’s name because he’s not worth your Google clicks. In a nutshell, this “journalist” believes that gun stores should all close immediately, that guns and ammo are not “essential”.

I beg to differ.

Ironically, his “opinion”, which is supported by the First Amendment, is given freely and without fear of repercussion or persecution. This guy has the Bill of Rights on his side, as it should be. However, how can he assert his right to free speech while completely disavowing our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Particularly at a time like this? Wow. Just wow.

Not only is his thinking hypocritical, at best, but it’s ignorant, selfish and unconstitutional.

Staying in this theme of “reality”, there is no doubt that our country is at a turning point; a “reset”, if you will. We have global powers pitted against one another. We have political parties and people so diametrically opposed, so fiercely divided,  that inevitably something WILL break – it has to. How that looks is anybody’s guess.

With the strife and uncertainty in the world right now, this “opinion” writer wants to make sure some American citizens can’t get firearms? People are going fisticuffs for toilet paper and canned ravioli, our economy is crashing before our eyes, people are out of work, losing their businesses, are quarantined and going stir crazy. Folks are treating hand sanitizer like it’s crack, and he wants to close all the gun stores?

I’m only going to speculate that this guy doesn’t know the first thing about the 2nd Amendment, who wrote it or why it’s even in the Constitution, let alone why it’s the Amendment just after ‘his’. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s simply another big city guy in the “guns-are-only-for-hunting” camp. I want to insert a few expletives here, but for the sake of professionalism, I won’t.

So, here’s the deal. Someone, somewhere, with a rational and intelligent way of thinking, believes guns ARE essential. Just because some liberal goons think differently doesn’t make it any less true. In MY opinion, our guns and ammo are just as important as our food and water. What we have is ours to protect. (Unless you have 8,456 packages of toilet paper – then you’re just an a**hole) We have a God-given right to protect ourselves, our families, and to defend what’s ours.

With that –

Get Armed

Get Trained

Stay Safe

We’re all in this together.